Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plans, plans, plans...

Well, so I finished my cabled glove last night and I know now it's going to be my husbands'. It fitted him perfectly. I started to knit the one for me with some thinner maroon yarn found in my stash, but it didn't look nice so I'll look for another yarn or modify the pattern - I thought about casting on less stitches to make it smaller.
I was also commissioned by my husband to a very long (2 metres) white scarf, but he wants it to be very delicate so I thought about needles 2 or 3 and appropriately thin yarn. I'll update this project next week, because...

... as you know, I'm leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning, and I'll be away till Saturday evening. ^^
I found two yarn shops in Karlskrona, namely:

BLEKINGE HEMSLÖJD (they sell Garnstudio Drops Design products)
Borgmästarekajen 10
371 34 Karlskrona
Tel: 0455-102 37 Fax: 0455-174 64


Cikoria (they sell Rowan products)
Borgmastaregatan 4,
371 31. Karlskrona
Tel: (0455) 84260

Have you ever used their yarns?
I'm going to visit them and look for interesting pattern books and maybe knitting accessories, like eg.: markers (I can't find them in Poland...)

I'm taking my checkered scarf with me, I hope it will grow considerably (I'll travel by train for 5 hours from Warsaw where I live to Gdynia, where we get the ferry.) ^^

Last night I had my third Hindu dancing class and, regardless of what I said before, I'm thinking about continuing to go (it also depends on my budget, I'm afraid...) I started to think about it as a challenge - I am such a couch potato and suddenly I surprised my body with not one, but two difficult dance classes (Hindu and belly dance), so maybe it's worth to try harder and keep practicing, it can only get better, ne? ^^ But to keep the pace I must find time to practice at home the mudras and combinations of feet and hand movements, because they have to be automatic. Well... Next week I'm taking my sari with me 'cause we were asked to have long skirts for a dance. ^^

I'm leaving you with my question about the three lace pieces I knitted:
advice, please!
Any ideas?

See you on Saturday!


  1. I love, love, love Rowan yarns! They have all different styles and every one I've tried so far has been very high quality. They are rather expensive though.

  2. Hello:)
    I came here after you commented on my naalbinding and went trough your posts to see some of yours. It's great! I especially loved the pink stripy bag. What a great idea to make all the different colors at the same time into stacked spirals to avoid the steps that changing colors causes.

    As far as I can tell, you use a slightly different stitch than the Finnish one I use. I want to learn others too.

    Have a great time in Sweden! I have used some Garnstudio yarns, and I especially love their alpaca. Good quality and not too exspencive + delicious colors.