Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Free at last!

Free from workers redecorating our small 1 m per 1 m toilet!...
It took them 9 days, can you imagine?!... And we even had to cancel our Saturday party, because the place was almost impossible to use... But last night, (yes, it was 11:30!) they finally finished. I mean, we still have to paint the ceiling and the door ourselves (sic!), but at least major work is done.
Here are the photos of the work progress.
Day 1
Pink walls, arrrrghhh!...

Day 3
Glue on the walls, getting ready for tiles.

Day 5
Some tiles ready, still lots to be done!

Day 10 (today)
Fully functional at last! (Our kitty is happy, too. Her "toilet" went back where it belonged, she was a bit confused when she had to look for it in the kitchen... ^^).

I wanted to show you the Cleaves in progress, but... I managed to finish it last night! Yatta! ^^
I used different violets, as you can see the cowl has three mixtures of violet shades.
So, here are the photos showing three ways of wearing this unusual sweater (please disregard my not-too-perfect figure...)
Sleeves upside-down, cowl covering boobs (if you make the cowl longer, it can even cover the body till waistline or hips) :

Sleeves as shown on the original, but the cowl standing upwards (not folded) :

What I like about this sweater is the fact that it can be worn in many different ways. And I love long cuffs that almost cover my fingers. My first dpns project, I thought it would be more difficult, but it wasn't! (I am a knitter since November 2005 so I try many things for the FIRST time! ^^).

Already planning the next projects (soon to be seen on the sidebar), but I have one picture ready.
I started this turtleneck in December, then I had my hand injured and couldn't knit for two months, and now I'm thinking about continuing. But it's not something that can be knitted over the weekend, I tell you!...
This is the pattern from some Polish knitting magazine:

And this is my yarn and the first part (acrylic mohair, 520 m/100g, done on needles nr 2/US 0...):

I love the colour, but it takes soooo much time to make a row or two!...
We'll see about that because I have several other projects on my mind right now, so I might knit it from time to time till next Winter. ^^

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