Friday, March 24, 2006

Project Spectrum - life in colours

I love those first days of Spring when you can see first shy attempts at wearing shorter jackets, lighter coats... The air is already different, the sun warmer... ^^

Finally, Project Spectrum page was up and I joined celebration of colours! ^^ I also enlisted for a Postcard Swap, and today I received an e-mail of my first PS pal Evelyn (Hi, Evelyn! - in case you read this... ^^). You can find her blog here --> brnwebgrrl
I will write to her today to introduce myself and exchange our snail mail addresses, and I must say I already have an idea of a nice April yellow and orange postcard, which I hope Evelyn likes! ^^

Last evening I had my belly dancing class and we were shown the most difficult move so far - the magical shimmy!... You do that by extremely quick moves of the alternating knees (or one knee, if it's neccessary for a dance move), and because of that your thighs, bum and belly just shiver like crazy. Of course, at first we couldn't repeat this movement AT ALL!... But then our wonderful teacher said she was practicing this for six months before she grasped the idea, so we were relieved and tried to do our best.
Last night I didn't know how to even initiate the movement, but this morning I accidentally started to sway my knees and it seems this is it! ^^ Now I have to practice the speed, well...

I found a bright pink yarn in my stash and last night I started the next coif. This one may be counted as my contribution to Project Spectrum's March colour scheme - PINK. But I must finish it first (it'll happen soon, because it's a very quick project), and I'm planning to add some red flowers along the edge. Photos soon!

And last, but not least, let me show you my brand new Spring leather gloves! ^^
Oh, I sooooo love this colour!...


  1. Love all your pretty spring colored things...very cool gloves!

    That is so cool that you bellydance!

  2. Hi!
    It's Evelyn and I loooooove your work! In the phot albums I can see the progression of your knitting ability, and you are just fabulous! The capeplets are just adodrable.

    Looking forward to the postcard swap,


  3. i love those gloves the colours are indeed fantastic... and so very spring.