Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I can knit gloves! (at least one...^^)

So, of course I didn't stick to the plan and started knitting something completely off my list, but, well... ^^
Let my proudly present my first knitted glove!
(According to the pattern by Kimberly)

Okay, it's not a proper glove, because it has no fingers - or rather half a thumb, so you should call it a wrist-and-thumb-and-half-of-the-fingers-warmer ^^, but anyway... It IS my FIRST glove!
Desi asked about the yarn - I don't know whether you ever used this one, but it's a Turkish yarn calles Jasmin, 50% wool/50% acrylic, 100m/50g, very soft one. I bought it at my local supplier (very small yarn shop at my local market place, filled with different yarns in EVERY possible space!... ^^).
I know, it's black so you can't see much (it's so difficult to take a good photo of a black thing), but it's a perfect fingerless cabled glove! ^^ Well, it still needs a thumb (you can see the pink yarn where it goes - let it be the March contribution for Project Spectrum... ;-> ), and frankly speaking I had a moment of hesitation when I was just about to knit the thumb gusset... I had to figure out the description in the pattern, but when I started it all went very smoothly.
Now, the problem is... it's a bit too big for me!... And I even used needles 3,5 mm, and in the pattern Kimberly suggested 4 mm. I'm going to knit another pair but using thinner yarn and we'll see. So, either they will go to my husband (when they are both finished), or I have my first Christmas gift ready - am I an early bird or what?!... ^^

I took photos of things around my house that match the March red and pink theme for Project Spectrum, enjoy!


  1. Nice wrist warmer!

    I was reading your last post...that is neat that there are Polish knitting magazines. I don't know why I wouldn't think there were any, but I've just never seen any before (on blogs)! I agree, the green and chocolate sweaters are awesome...very unusual design.

  2. Hey those are lovely! I really like the cable running down the middle, it's like a hair-braid, no? What yarn was it? It is quite luminous.

  3. To Lobstah - we have several different knitting magazines in Poland, some of them are on German or French licence, and this one is a small one called "A Lady in a Jumper", it is on Italian licence, as I can see. There are often interesting projects in it.