Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Help me, I'm stupid!

Okay, totally not knitting-related, but blog-related...
Could someone enlighten me, how I can answer your comments left to my posts?
I went through Blogger's Help, but found nothing, so it must be sooo obvious that I cannot see it!... I found some e-mails to you girls on your profiles/blogs, but some of you have private profiles and there's no way I can reply to your lovely comments or answer your questions...
Please, help! #_@


  1. Joanna, I've never figured out a way to respond by e-mail to people who leave me comments...maybe Blogger purposely tries to keep e-mails "hidden"? Anyway, if you would like my email it is bluesky1277 AT hotmail.com

  2. HI

    I find I just post a comment to my own blog if I can't go to their page and leave one on their blog.

    I figure if they want to know my response that they will check back!!

    Just my 2 cents worth. Love your site very stylish looking. I am still trying to work out all the ins and outs of it. Finding time is a challenge as well.

    Knit on >^..^<