Saturday, March 18, 2006

Knitting along...

Yesterday I had some time alone at home - only me and our kitty. So, I put the face mask on, put on some hindu raga music (I love Ravi Shankar playing!), meditated for some time and relaxed a lot! Highly recommended! ^^
Last night was St.Patrick's Day and although I'm not a big fan of Irish traditions it was a chance to meet with our friends and have a glass of green beer! ^^ I baked some bread and prepared hot supper, and we had a great time.
I've finished the cape but cannot show you the photo because my husband went for a battle reenactment this morning and took our camera with him (we are medieval reenactors ^^). But it's done and today I'm starting another one, in black this time, because I was commissioned by some friend.
Last night I also started the checkered scarf, and it's no longer a dpns project... I tried, but handling dpns and changing colours every five stitches was just too much for me! I switched to circulars, but 80 cm was too long for just 80 stitches cast-on, so finally I'm knitting on straight needles and I'm going to sew the tube after I've finished the whole scarf. Pattern soon! (for anyone interested ;->)
And I'm really seriously thinking about knitting a pair of socks (or, at least, one sock to see whether I can do it or not! ^^). I have several balls of colourful yarns (mixes) which can be used as a training material.
Hope to find some time today to practice bellydance steps and mudras for my hindu dancing classes! ^^

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