Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eye Candy Saturday!

Today's post is dedicated to Lobstah and the rest of you, all covered in snow. Spring is really already here, in Poland! *^v^*

Road to my parents' allotment (we went there this morning to bring some pavement slabs and measure the front of the cottage because my father is going to construct a small patio).

Local cat (a beauty!).

Some flowers and plants. ^^

And here is where my father prepares the smoked meats (wow, the taste of home-made meat is unbelievable!)

It was windy but very sunny, the first such a nice day in weeks - remember our last weekend's excursion to Grandfather's cottage? Brrr....

How many times can you re-knit the turn of the heel in a sock?
It seems that five was a good choice for me last night...
As I said earlier I knitted the first Regia sock in December and I put down all the figures for the second one apart from the number of stitches to knit in the heel turn, so I had to go with trial & error method. The sixth time finally was correct, and today, as I write this post, I am 2 inches from the finger decreases. I hope to show you a finished pair tomorrow. ^^

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  1. I love the Spring photos. Especially the crocuses. I just wish the sun would come out again here!