Monday, March 19, 2007


On Friday evening we went to Robert's Grandfather's cottage about 80 km from Warsaw with two of our friends. We thought we would have a nice weather but it was rainy and windy almost all the time, with a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius during the day.
But we had fun anyway! ^^ Here are some photos of our walk along the Narew river (which left its bed and spread freely along the grass fields, as it often happens there, we even couldn't get to the cottage through the normal route but through the neighbour's allotment).

Stranger flower we spotted on the way, I love its colour.

It was rather cold...

River Narew.

First signs of Spring! *^v^*

Walking on water (almost)...

In the afternoon we went for a beer to the local shop/pub and we had a short period of beautiful sun.

In the woods.

Drinking local beer and cross-stitching the Burgundian Dance tapestry for Helene (can you see the Norwegian accent? I bought this hat in the Viking Ships Museum in Oslo 2,5 years ago! *^v^*)

Example of a local architecture of this region, central-eastern Poland (not many of these houses are left, this is the home of an old lady, but younger generations changed the wooden houses for brick ones - rather ugly, I must say...).

And tomorrow I'll show you what other craft (apart from the cross-stitching) I've been working on while being away.
Happy Monday, everyone! *^v^*


  1. It really does look and sound just lovely. I like the way your green wrap looks - all the bright colours you wear are fab. More people should follow suit!

    That flower is beautiful but weird, like a caricature of a flower. Odd but very striking.

  2. Hey where are the cats pictures, hm? Those from the local shop and from neighbours? Lately your blog is becoming decatised :-).