Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Socky socky socky sock

Today's post is sponsored by the Regia socks and anklets plus two pairs of shoes. ^^
(and some crying at the end...)
I finished the second anklet last night and it was a struggle!... It's several rows shorter than the first one because I ran out of yarn, but I'm going to wear them at home anyway, so it's not such a big problem. Or maybe I'll add some rows to both of them from another yarn is some matching colour, we'll see.

And this morning I've cast on for... another pair of anklets. ^^ I still have some yarn left from my Opal Socks, so I thought it would be a good way to use it. And I have a revolutionary idea - to knit them both at the same time on circular needle! *^v^* I'm not sure about that yet, because I want to knit them toes-up. Must experiment. ^^

Some answers to your comments:
Robert started to leave comments on my blog and he wrote last night about fishing for the Swedish stones in the very cold sea - yes, I must admit that the water was rather cold and it was extremely nice of him to get those stone from under the water for me! [kiss, kiss ^^]
Lana, my BoS is in fact dark green, the camera did something to it to make it blue ^^. Or maybe the colour of its cover depends on the viewer? That would be nice! *^v^*
Kendra, there are many types of witches who believe and practice in many different ways. I'm just one of them. ^^

And the news of the day: do you remember our car? As of this afternoon it's not ours any more... We sold it and planning to buy a smaller one, a Volvo 800 or 900 something, diesel. But I'm sentimental and I feel like crying now... I know it's just a car, but we've been together through a lot, we've been to so many places, and now it's gone, and I think it feels cheated upon, because we cleaned it last night and vacuumed the inside, and cleaned the whole dashboard, and the rear window (which didn't happen often before...), so maybe it thought it was just a Spring cleaning...
I cried after the previous car, too...


  1. It's getting to be time for me to start on socks again - my summer project to I am not witting knitting with long things in the hot humid weather. - I'm liking the anklets....

    I am glad I'm not the only one who feels bad over my old cars.

    I enjoyed yesterdays post but was too stressed about the hair to comment :D

  2. That is so sweet that you care so much about the car!

    The socks are lovely.