Thursday, March 08, 2007


New Knitty issue is out and I'm... so dissappointed!...
I like only one project, namely the Clessidra socks, all the rest is either not for me (I don't have a child, although looking at the patterns I wish I had, they're cute!) or not interesting. Well...

On the other hand, my new embroidery project is very interesting (for me *^v^*) and it goes well. This is the second Wordpicture called 'the tree' - 'drzewo'. I managed to piece the background together and add a tree shape and the word onto it. Now the fun part begins - I'm going to sit down and look at it for a while, and then the first stitch will come to my mind, so I'll take a needle, choose the proper colour of the thread and I will start the new adventure... *^v^*

And this week I'm going to sow the seeds of these beauties! *^v^* I hope they will grow nice and strong, and in the middle of May I will plant them into the soil on my parents' allotment. Keep your fingers crossed because the tray with the seeds will be placed on my bedroom windowsill, the favourite spot for my kitty to lay on and she especially likes laying on the soil, so I often find her in my plant pots (plants squished and moved to the side)!...


  1. my funny tomato story -- many years ago we had tomato plants on the back side our our house - and could not figure why there were half tomatoes on the plant -- it was too high up for it to be rabbits and too low for it to be deer... so what could it be??? One day we were in the yard and I noticed our dog (Cocoa) sneaking around the back of the house - and I do mean sneaking - she was looking around to see if anyone noticed her - taking a few steps and looking around again... so I decided to follow her - and there she was munching away on the tomato plant - eating tomatoes but only the front half she could bite into - leaving the back half on the vine. She was so gentle she never even knocked a tomato off the plant.

  2. The Clessidra socks are amazing, I really want to make them too. Probably not for awhile though, too much else going on. I agree with you that the children's patterns were adorable but alas, with no kids to knit for I won't get to make them.

    I'm going to start my tomatoes this weekend too! Although I feel a bit bad, like I'm dooming them to a bad life in my not-sunny-enough yard!

  3. I love time of year when everything is beginning to grow. Good luck with the tomatoes!

    I really liked that Knitty pattern too.