Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Let me declare 2007 Spring officially started!
(yeah, I've been bitten by the first woken up Spring bug, mosquito or something...)


Thank you very much for you anniversary wishes, I absolutely enjoyed blogging and will continue next year, too!
Rho, thanks for sharing your tomato story, I know a similar one, but with a Christmas tree and biscuits: there was a beautiful tree decorated with sweet biscuits, which started to disappear or were left with some parts bitten off. She blamed him, he blamed her and then, one day, they both spotted their dog (who thought he was alone in the room), having a bite at the ginger snowman!... ^^ Animals are sweet! (As long as my kitty stays away from my tomato tray, she's sweet, too...).

There is something absolutely magical in touching the soil with your bare hands.
I've been sowing the tomato seeds today (yes, finally, but I've been trying to find the proper tray for this purpose), and I rediscovered the pleasure of digging my hands into a bag of fresh dirt, feeling every bit of it, every tiny stone, every piece of twigs and grass. I like touching things and every texture is interesting for my hands - sand, flour (my Granny had a tall metal can where she kept the flour and I always sunk my hands in it when she was making a dough! ^^), fabrics, yarn skeins, tree bark, anything I want to know better - I must touch. So, no wonder I haven't worn any gardening gloves today while sowing. Now, it will be a waiting time - for anything that might come out of the soil (I hope it will be healthy tomato plants! ^^).

And have you ever had this idea? I wonder why the simplest solutions never come to my mind!...

I haven't posted any cat photos for a while, so here is my kitty in the full sun, on my balcony.


  1. Oh seedlings are the way to go in my opinion-- in fact we buy them a bit more grown than that even.

    btw I have a new address for my blog - same old blog just new address - was time to get rid of the woes in the title. :D

  2. YES! I'm declaring spring is here as well ~ even though it hasn't stopped snowing ALL day here in Conn.!!!! USA