Monday, March 05, 2007

Wordpictures finished!

How, on Earth, do you take pictures of something behind the glass?...
That is all I could achieve with my quite a good Fuji camera and my Wordpictures mounted behind the glass and black passepartout (to protect them from the dust).
Not to mention that I've been processing the photos not with the good old PaintShop Pro, but with Gimp (because we are changing our home operating systems from Windows to Linux and I've been working on Ubuntu for the last few days...).

Anyway, my tryptych has been finished, now I just have to buy the proper nails and hand them on the wall above our bed. Please forgive the flash reflexes seen on the glass, there was nothing I could do about it.

I had a busy weekend - on Saturday we attended my aunt's wedding and I caught some cold so Sunday was slow and lazy at home, with my friend Anna visiting us, some knitting and a lot of thinking and planning for the next two embroidery projects: the first one is the linnen tree on the patchwork background and the second one is the representation of all the chakra colours, but let's keep some secrets for later! ^^

BTW, Helene, I've finished the missing leaves on the "Burgundy Dance" tapestry, now I only need to finish the black background. *^v^*
Rho, don't worry, I often find some UFOs in different places, maybe I will find the one for you, too! ^^


  1. I love the pictures. They are so beautiful. The embroidery is amazing. They really are special.

  2. These turned out great! I love the composition and the stitching!

  3. Those came out wonderfully! Great job :)

  4. Miło spotkać sąsiadów po drugiej stronie świata ;) Również bawię się troszkę w TAST i właśnie zachwycam się Twoim pomysłem :)