Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Get crafty!

Rho, I would definitely add a cable on the right side of the shawl, it looks somehow... unfinished (but that's just me ^^).
In fact, thank you very much for mentioning this shawl because this is a good shawl pattern for Ambermoggie - no chart! *^v^* Here is the link: Dipsy's Cable-Lace-Scarf. (Btw, Ambermoggie, I sent you my address last night but I'm not sure whether I have the right e-mail to you, so please let me know if you got it. ^^)

And now let's see what I've been making last weekend and finishing on Monday:
- new products for the folk gallery: felt embroidered rabbits that can be used as the egg warmers and fabric bread baskets (I love them and I'm going to make more of them!). I'm sending them to the folk gallery today and keep your fingers crossed (if they sell, these are my new yarn funds, yikes! *^v^*)

Look what I found yesterday! *^v^*
I found it in my fabric stash (you cannot remember all the fabrics you have, can you?... ^^), I must have bought it some time ago, on the on-line auction, as I recall correctly, this is a piece of a printed cotton just in a perfect size for a pillow. I'm going to embroider it and add the back from some other cotton, and dress one of my naked pillows (I have three pillows waiting for some covers).

Gudrun Sjoden's Spring collection is in the shops right now and I must say that I would wear EVERY ONE piece from it! In any colour. I gave you here just a few pictures of her Spring clothes, mainly in the shades of red, but there are many naturals, blues, blacks and browns, too. All are beautiful, all are from natural fabrics (cottons, linens, viscose, wool, silk), all are too pricey for me unfortunately... But at least I can get some inspiration from them - I browsed my linens and cottons yesterday and matched some of them to make myself blouses and dresses in a similar style (embroidered, of course! ^^).
Enjoy and make sure to visit her site for more!


  1. So many cute projects, the bunnies and the breadbaskets are clever! Crossing my fingers that they sell right out :)
    P.S. I love your pictures from the countryside a few posts back. It's neat to see the landscapes other people live in.

  2. love the breadbaskets and egg cozies --

    And like you I love Gudrun Sjoden stuff - thanks for showing them - I don't see anything there I don't love.

    I am so glad you feel like me about the one more cable on that wrap -- that is exactly what I was thinking about it too.