Friday, March 23, 2007

Nice cuppa! Nice socks!

When the weather is so gloomy like today, let's start with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. *^v^*

Oh, the bliss of mindless (sock) knitting!...
Just after Christmas I knitted one Regia sock and it went very quickly. But then I didn't cast on for another one and concentrated on other projects, and the sad single stripey sock was wandering through my sock drawer, when I reached for a pair of socks everyday, not chosen because unfortunately one is not enough for my paired limbs...
Last night I had some plans outside my home but I had a stomachache and decided to stay in and do something productive but simple - I reached into my WIPs basket and here it was - a stockinette sock! *^v^*
Let me proudly present:

I know they don't match!... ^^
The reason is...

... they are not a pair! *^v^*

That's what you get from one ball of Regia 4-ply: one above-ankle sock and one anklet. I already started another above-ankle sock last night and I hope to have two new pairs of socks soon! ^^

Now I'm off to some errands, don't forget to comment on my "Bloggiversary giveaway" post, there is a sheep waiting there. ^^ Have a nice Friday, everyone!

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  1. You made my day with the non-pair of socks - LOL I needed that laugh....all I am doing is sleeping - which is good -- I will sleep my way out of this bronchitis with the help of the cough syrup.