Thursday, March 01, 2007

Look what I found!...

Me, the Queen of Procrastination!...

Look what I found yesterday at the very bottom of my embroidery box! This is the cross stitch tapestry I started about 5-6 years ago, the pattern comes from the old issue of "Anna" embroidery magazine. And as I look at it now it only needs two light green leaves to finish and the black background in the upper left corner and left side. I think I'm going to finish it soon, it's not that much work to do. *^v^*

I wonder what I should do with it, it's rather big (37 cm x 62 cm) and I don't have that many empty walls in our small apartment...


Several years ago we decided to stop watching tv.

We consciously rejected from our lives the presence of the news full of accidents, wars and corrupted politicians, old boring films, pathetically stupid sitcoms, advertisements of washing powder and new-even-better razor blades (Robert doesn't even shave!...). The only channel we watch in the evenings is the BBC PRIME (and occassionally VIA SAT HISTORY), where we have our favourite programmes, but we resigned from the constant presence of a tv in our lives. It doesn't have to be on all the time, like it used to be - I was coming home from work and the first thing I did after taking my shoes off was to switch the tv on. It used to be the background of everything we did - of our dinner, our conversations, our relaxation. And then we just decided not to have it on, especially with all those stupid, horryfying or boring news and shows, that were crawling into our minds.

People often say to us "Have you heard...?" refering to some news on tv, and we say "No, we don't watch tv.", and they are so surprised, as if it was something unnatural NOT to watch tv, not to absorb everything they tell us from that glass box, good and bad equally. And I don't want it, I refuse to be surrounded by more and more political scandals, wars all over the world, deaths, even celebrity news. I don't give a damn about what is going on in Britney's life right now (I know something because she's all over the newspapers I see in the shop and on the websites where I check the weather forecast, but I so don't want to indulge myself into the gorey details!...), I'm just not interested. It seems that the only good news for the journalists is bad news - only bad news sell well, only bad news bring people to the tv screens and to gossip magazines. Who's bum is bigger, who's having a love affair with whose husband, which politician took money in exchange for some favour, how many people died in the earthquake... I don't want to litter my mind with all these thoughts.

Robert's Grandmother says that it's weird that we don't watch tv because we don't know what is going on right now, and she is very eager to fill us with the latest political scandals, because she knows it all and she watches every news programme on all Polish channels. And she gives us different names, he said that and he said that, and gives us the details we really don't want to hear.

I live a happy life without knowing all those things - I am generally aware of the things happening in my country and around the world but please spare me the everyday details, because they do not concern me and are usually very disturbing, and I don't want to be disturbed. (Would it be polite to say something like that to my family members? Would they feel offended? Do I care if they were? After all it should be my choice of whether I want to know all those things or not. Well...)


Hi, Lana, thank you for your comment, nice to meet you! Could you please send me your blog address so I could see your crazy outfits? ^^
And my appeal to all other lurkers - please, say 'hi'! Do not hide in the dark, it's nice to know that I'm not talking to myself on this blog! (big kiss to my frequent commentators!) *^v^*


  1. Pretty cross stitch. I used to cross stitch, years ago. Since then knitting sort of took over.

    My blog address is:

  2. Hi, I just delurked myself ;-) I think that rejecting television is actually quite a brave thing to do, since everybody is refering to what is going on on television all the time :-)

  3. The cross stitch is amazing. It must have taken a long time to do.

    I have to say that I don't watch TV but I'd be lost without my radio.

  4. shoot - Helene beat me to the solution of what to do with the finished embroidery. :D

    It is fabulous - I used to do embroidery, along with sketching, stained glass and rug hooking - now knitting is taking up all my time ....

    On the tv - you can say it to family but be ready to hear how you are hiding your head in the sand etc. We still have a tv but I refuse to watch the news etc. for the same reasons you state and that is what I hear..

  5. I love your cross-stitch, it's lovely!
    I am a fellow anti-television person! While I do own a TV, I don't have cable and I don't get any stations on the airwaves where I live. So I only watch movies. When I go to visit my parents or friends, I will sometimes watch TV but it makes me feel so crummy, like I'm wasting time and exposing my mind to so much useless content. But you are right, not watching TV makes you sort of an outcast from society. People just can't seem to wrap their minds around it!

  6. I also don't watch TV. I do listen to the radio and go online for news, so what usually gets me is when someone says "You know that commercial where __?" And they get frustrated when I don't know what they're talking about. I think it's a little scary that people expect commercials to be a common point of reference.