Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby got back ^^

I finished the back of my Lucinda cardigan.
Yes, I changed the name. It was supposed to be a huge loose cardigan, with a belt, but it's turning out short and fitted. Which is great, but it's a different design that I had in mind, hence the change of a name. *^v^*
As I wrote last time, I skipped the bobbles and I'm happy with it. Today I'm casting on for the fronts while anxiously waiting for the oil pastels I had ordered on Tuesday to arrive, yikes! *^v^*
BTW, I did some watercolour tests last Saturday with my trophy Talens paints, beautiful colours, I will show you the results along with some pages from my art journal tomorrow. ^^


  1. aww... look its good to vent sometimes, and yes it sucks to have such a small relatives in poland always complained about the same..they had 1 or two rooms for a family....hope you can do something about it in the future?

  2. OMG! It is looking absolutely beautiful!

  3. That sweater is so beautiful...such a happy color!

    I'm sorry about you being unhappy where you are. My bf and I are constantly whining about our apt even though it is really a fairly decent place. What annoys me? The ugly 70's linoleum and fake marble in kitchen and bathroom; the lack of fan in the bathroom that makes everything moldy; it has no insulation and leaky old windows so it is really cold in the winter (and expensive to heat). I also hate how whenever the neighbors turn on the water (which seems like all day long) our water pressure completely drops! I'm sick of drippy showers! I could go on and on--We are just lucky in that we will probably be able to buy our own place within a year or two. I hope the renovation will help, at least somewhat.

  4. OH my gosh - how far you got -- I am loving it. :D