Saturday, October 20, 2007

I really must make myself an apron!

I bought a piece of cotton a long time ago and planned to make an apron for my craft activities, but didn't really know - for which ones. I don't get very dirty when I knit or sew. But now, when I started to paint, it seems that an apron is a very good idea and it's not just a "painter's accessory" for the photos in front of an easel! *^v^*
Couple of days ago I put on a pair of freshly washed trousers and on the same day I had glue on one knee, and today I found a smear of white paint across my belly, on a black blouse. I am messy with my art and I just have to protect the clothes!
Thank Heavens I'm using acrylics, watercolours and crayons, not oils! *^v^*

I finished one painting yesterday - "Russia" from my "Women" series.

10x14" cotton canvas,
watercolour pencils
scraps from the Russian fairytale

It will probably go on ebay soon, but I'm still considering this. ^^
I also started the next painting and I hope to finish it this weekend.

Some journal pages:
I invited my Muse for a cup of tea (I love tea! *^v^*).

I'm on a path to some places and I have to decide whether I want to make another step forward or go back.

Just a thought of the day. *^v^*

This weekend I'm painting and knitting. Have a great weekend, guys! *^v^*


  1. LOVE the painting! Energetic, but peaceful at the same time. I like that you're using the country-themed story for your female icon.

    Speaking of icon --- <3 your muse!
    Flavors of Matisse.

  2. inviting your muse for a cup of tea is a great idea.
    I know that if you just always are there in the right place for the muse, she will know where to find you and she WILL show up.

  3. Love your painting-what great colors!!! I love how you worked the theme :)
    Inviting your muse to tea :) what a great thing to do!! One must always appreciate their muse!
    Hope you have a great weekend too