Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's still a knitting blog after all!

I'm painting. *^v^*
That's a very weird but pleasant feeling. ^^ I try not to judge every line and splash of paint I place on the canvas, just go with the flow and add more and more colours and textures. I am about half way down and I'll show you the final result as well as the in between stages soon.
It's a birthday present for my best friend Anna (her birthday is on Sunday), and I have some patterns to add, some words, and a coat of varnish. Keep your fingers crossed because varnish is the stage I'm unsure of, I've never ever used it!... I bought an acrylic varnish but I'm using acrylic paints plus watercolour crayons and glued scraps in my painting, so I did some tests on those other media and it seemed to work fine. But you know, I'm a bit worried about putting it on my finished painting, I'd be most unhappy if the varnish destroyed several days of my work.
It's good I have this blog and all of you who can listen to my worries!... *^v^*

I also bought another plastic container because it seems my art supplies are multiplying. ^^ The bigger one is for all the paints (watercolours, acrylics, temperas, oils and others), the smaller one for the crayons/pastels/pencils and office supplies.
And, Coral-seas, thank you for your advice on a journal! *^v^* I was also thinking about buying paper for watercolours and binding it into a form of a book. Shannon, it's true that sometimes it's better to hold our judgment if it's not encouraging/constructive. From early childhood up till now I get comments from my mom on everything I create in a form of "Nice." said in an uninterested tone of voice, well...

And, and!... I won something! *^v^*

I bought the canvas and some paints online last week and the shop awarded 10 buyers with a set 12 Van Gogh watercolours by Talens and a paper pad for watercolours, me being one of those 10 happy campers! *^v^*
I was planning to buy some proper watercolours but now I can try those out for free, tralla la la! *^v^*

Okay, because it's still a knitting blog after all, here is some knitting content! *^v^*

Here is the beginning of the first clue of Secret of Chrysopolis Stole:

Here are the Zebra socks I finished last week:
And the yarn I bought yesterday:

It's a Czech yarn, 100% soft wool. At first I wanted to use it for the Starsky cardigan. But then I had doubts about this pattern in this colour and in my mind I saw that coral wool turned into some chunky cables. So, I'm knitting something similar to Starsky, but with cables! ^^ More to come.


  1. oooh! a secret stole knitalong! that will be fun to watch unfold.

  2. Hooray on winning the watercolors! Should make for many more pretty journal pages.

    The zebra socks are so fun and the coral yarn looks scrumptious.

  3. I can't wait to see your painting-i hope all goes well with the varnish. i have never used any of that stuff before. But i can listen to your worries-so worry away :)
    Congrats on winning the watercolors.
    you have been busy!! sometimes its good to do different things so you don't get burned out on the one. I am happy seeing all your projects knitting or not.
    i like the color you are using for your stole-i haven't started mine yet.
    And fun socks!!