Monday, October 22, 2007

Jeg elsker...

I love the rough surface of the cotton canvas by Talens.
I love placing more and more layers of paint, crayons, scraps, stamps.
I love shading which results in the shapes emerging in front of my eyes.
I love getting a sudden idea for a painting.
I love the smell of a varnish (I know, it stinks like hell!...).
I love the fact that I'm doing it with NO initial purpose to sell my paintings.
I love the fact that I may put them up for sale, if I choose.
I love to make something and not to judge the outcome.
love the variety of ways in which I can express my ideas through painting & collage.

This one is called "Underwater", and it says 'One day I will move all my shells so they could live happily in the bathroom.' Which I will. As soon as we redecorate our bathroom next year (now they live on the bookshelves and in the boxes). *^v^*

- 11x16,5" cotton canvas by Talens
- acrylic paints
- watercolour crayons
- scraps from the French edition of by Agatha Christie
- varnished

On ebay soon! *^v^*
(as soon as I figure out why it doesn't want to upload my photos!...)

And I was a good girl last weekend and finished knitting the fronts of my Lucinda cardi, time to cast on for the sleeves! *^v^*

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  1. ooo what a beautiful picture! You did a great job on the shells, the details are good.