Wednesday, October 24, 2007

IK Winter issue

Have you seen the preview of the Winter issue of Interweave Magazine?
I love three designs:
Henley Perfected Connie Chang Chinchio

Citrus Yoke Pullover Katie Himmelberg

Celtic Tote Jennifer Tallapaneni

Do I want to buy this issue? Well...
I had a similar problem with the Fall issue - at first I didn't like many projects so I decided not to buy it, and then I saw many designs knitted by you, guys, and wanted to make them, too, and the IK Fall was already sold out on their website (lucky me, Diddlinaknits got one for me in her local store! *^v^*).
There's still time to make up my mind and maybe more projects will grow on me, and I may have some extra money from selling my paintings on ebay (there is one bidder already, hello, my bidder! *^v^*).
BTW, "Russia" and "Underwater" have also been listed on ebay, in case anyone from abroad would like to bid on them, here are the shipment costs (priority mail):
to Europe - 6 USD
to both Americas/Asia/Africa - 10 USD
to Australia - 15 USD

Today I'm recovering from last night's visit to Jeff's American restaurant with Robert's mother (the portions are soooo huge there!...), working on new paintings, continue my Lucinda sleeves (I'm past 1/3 already, and it seems that I'll have enough yarn for the hood, yikes! *^v^*), and thinking about making a video - everybody's making videos now and putting them on youtube, so I might as well! ^^

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. ooo yes i saw the preview too!!! I like those 3 and i think there was one other sweather that looked nice. if you want i will be happy to pick up this mag when it comes out :) Let me know, it's no trouble.
    Can't wait to see Lucinda when it's all done.
    See you soon on YouTube :)