Monday, October 29, 2007

Painter's heaven

I've been to the painter's heaven today! *^v^*
Imagine a room full of canvases, cotton and linen, in various shapes and sizes, painter's boards and passepartouts. That's where I bought three new canvases for my paintings (and started to work on two of them as soon as I got home! ^^). I felt tempted to choose some bigger sizes, but I must remember I am restricted with the size of my flat - I can paint as much as I want but then I have to store those paintings somewhere!...

On Sunday I finished last pieces from the "Girl Loves..." series (there are four in a set) and they are on ebay right now. In fact, the Cooking Girl has already been sold and paid for, awaiting the shipment to the new owner! I'm very happy about that. Partly, because of the money of course. But also because that's a test for me, for my creative skills, for my ideas, for my ability to send those ideas to the world, whether somebody likes what I'm making the way I do.
I think "Girl Loves..." will consist of only four pieces for now, but maybe I will add more if I manage to find the same size painter's board to make them (they were from the old supplies).

So, maybe apart from cooking you also like Cleaning?

or Shopping?

or maybe Doing the Laundry?

I really cannot decide which is my favourite, but it's a one housewife's tribute to all the housewives out there! *^v^*

Also I tried to make a video of "paintings in the making" but I cannot force the video editing program to work - I've tried to use Cinelerra, but it doesn't want to cooperate and just closes when I try to load a file, well... (yes, I am a Linux user, no Windows Movie Maker for me, thanks! ^^) Maybe next time, when I figure it all out.

As for the knitting Lucinda - thank you for the words of compassion, I was so sad about the sleeves that I didn't touch it on Saturday nor Sunday, but I picked it up on Monday and kept knitting for about 10 rows. I would like to finish it really soon, because new projects are waiting (maybe this thought will give me the strength to hurry up with Lucinda?)! *^v^*

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