Thursday, October 04, 2007

Patterns, patterns...

I bought the October issue of the Sandra knitting magazine (which is a German mag in Polish), and I must admit I am nicely surprised again! ^^ (Last time it was September 2006). There are some really tempting designs.

I like the size and coziness of this cardigan, but it has some very simple cables, too simple for my taste, I'd knit something more elaborate here. ^^

This one has a nice waist part that differs from the upper and lower parts.

This one is a strong contender for the coral wool I bought this week! *^v^*

This one I'm knitting next month, irrespective of anything! ^^ I love it in this colour!

This one has a nice shape, fitted at the waist, with bell sleeves. In white preferably.

Very stylish, in white for me.

I have almost finished my painting for Anna, just giving it an overnight break to check whether I want to add anything to it or not, and then the coat of varnish...
I hope to take photos tomorrow or on Saturday, on Sunday is Anna's birthday and she's coming to our place for diner, so she'll receive her gift. *^v^*


  1. nice patterns. i really like the cardiagan with the different cabling on the top and bottom. I have yet to make a big cable project-only a baby hat so far. seems like your really getting into the cables!
    Can't wait to see the painting, what a lucky friend-i am sure she will love it :)

  2. Oh, the last pullover is beautiful. Love it.