Sunday, October 14, 2007

The process

I'm still knitting my Lucinda Cardigan, but you know, two fronts are nothing more than one back split in half, so there is nothing that much interesting and surprising about it. *^v^*
So, another post about making art (and listening to music! ^^).

I found something very interesting and mind stimulating on the blog by Deborah Gorr aka bee creative.
She writes about the interview with the artist Keri Smith, and she refers to her words:

"She writes about the process of creating as being important. This is one of the things that I work with everyday. Part of my work with one year old children is often to explain to parents that children this age have no sense of product, that it is all about process..."

That's what I partly seek in knitting and that's what I would like to understand about my painting. No sense of product, just the process. This is also connected with not judging myself and my work, because what's important is the process of making a drawing or a painting which should give me some pleasure or teach me something, not the final result that is a genius piece of art (who says so?) or a crap (again, who says so?).

I would like you all to meet the works two talented artists:
- my
artistic friend Marti - Marti presents. She paints the incredibly beautiful women and dolls (she loves the Japanese and Korean dolls and owns a few). She is the one who went through a process of looking for the favourite media and style, and she still evolves. She is a great inspiration for me, so go to her site and have a look, if you have a moment. ^^
- the second artist is Paulette Insall - you may know her from YouTube art videos, she is painting beautiful women in my favourite technique - many layers, glued and painted. I love her paintings!

And one more thing - I'm listening to jazz! *^v^*
That's something new in my life, about a year ago I discovered Jamie Cullum and now I'm writing this and listening to the latest cd of Stacey Kent. I know, these are not the great classics, but I feel they will come to me eventually.
I need to jazz up my life a bit! *^v^*

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  1. Glad you found that interesting :) I love knitting as a process too....