Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thank you for your compassion for my living place crisis, I really am aware that there are millions of positive things to find here and the planned renovation will change a lot, and there is always the possibility of some life changes that may turn our situation 180 degrees for better, and I just had a bad day. ^^

No, on to my art journal.

What I learnt while using my new Talens watercolours?
That the best tools are essential. By this I mean, the brush I got together with the set of paints. I have a mug full of brushes bought on a supermarket sale, and they are okay. But they loose their hair (which can be an interesting feature while creating the backgrounds, but still...), behave unpredictable and often leave the lines where I wanted a clean page. It may be fine, it may add to the artistic flavour of the page, but more often it is annoying, because it spoils the effect I wanted to achieve. I would even risk a statement that for an inexperienced painter like myself the more professional brush - the better, because it could help my untrained hand to paint what I envisioned in my head.
The Talens brush is perfect - smooth, wide but with a tip that can lead a precise 0,5 mm line, it's a pleasure to work with. And I'm not saying that I'm suddenly buying a whole set of highly professional, expensive brushes, but next time I'm buying some art supplies, a brush or two are definitely on my list!

Some pages from my journal:
Here I played with letters.

What a nice statement! ^^

Talens watercolours at work plus crayons - it's all about the stork, and how it could become the symbol of Poland (just as the moose is in Sweden, for example, you can see it everywhere!). I scanned it beyond the side of the page because I wanted to show you what I stapled onto it, just to be able to quickly find the next page.
Self portrait in watercolour crayons and pencil crayons, with some stamped border in acrylic paint.

My 1+1+1 response to Kal's challenge. I found this funny tape around the flat (Robert bought it some time ago), that you put into a pistol-like device and press out the letters in it, fun! ^^

Robert will laugh at this page, as he laughed at my habit - in my family we all loved broth and we had it every Saturday for dinner! *^v^*

I would like to walk along this street.

Some positive things about myself in a letter stapled onto a page, with me on a top! ^^
Watercolours practice - just wanted to see all the colours and then I didn't want to get rid of it, so I incorporated this page into my journal. Is there a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?... ^^

I realized I love the fact that my art journal puts on weight and volume, I'd like it to be half-full already! ^^


  1. stunning journal pages, but why does the word pierogi keep jumping out at me in every picture?? Maybe its saying time to make some krissie? i love them, but making them is a drag!

    zupa...yummy..smacznego, and keep drawing and showing us are great!

  2. Joanna - I just noticed in your mondo column that you want to have a child...well that bocian is a symbold of nevert know..fingers crossed for you...

  3. love the very cool lettering - I always admire lettering on a page!

  4. Huni-ji looks like you begin to develop your own style in painting. Your works are more and more distinctive every day. They always were but now one can spot a collection of caracteristical elements. Cool!

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  6. Again with the great artwork. I really like your drawings of your people :) They have such character.