Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nameless art

My friend Kate saw my paintings and immediately asked about the name of my style. I said I didn't have any name for it, it's just me playing with paints and scraps of paper. But she said I needed a name, and it must be something with "neo-" at the beginning, because it would draw people's attention to it.
Well, she knows best, she works part-time in an art gallery... *^v^*
Maybe if I wanted to attract the attention of the art critics, the name for my art would be a good marketing move. But I don't. This is my vent, my meditation time, my creativity time and its outcome - the paintings. If people like it I'm glad. If they want to buy it - I'm glad as well, because it will provide me with some money for more art supplies (and yarn, let's not forget this one! *^v^*). But let's leave the elaborate names for the things that can be easily put into defined boxes.

Okay, if I really had to come up with a name, I would call it a neo-collage kawaii! *^v^*
(kawaii is a Japanese word and it means "cute", but you know it, right? Gwen Stefani uses this word A LOT! ^^)

Anyway, yesterday I needed to knit some small quick project (when you sometimes need something really badly, like the world would end if you didn't get it!... ^^) and decided upon the hat - I don't really have an Autumn hat, not too warm but warm enough to keep my head away from the November chilly weather.
So, I took a ball of Exclusive 100% Superwash Wool from my stash and this pattern. 2 hours later I had this - a Pixie Hat.
First, it was a totally different hat, but when I finished it it turned out that it's way too big... so I frogged it and started again, using the Pixie pattern, and this time - a success! *^v^*I added a short crocheted under chin band and a button, because it kept sliding away. And I know it's a child's hat, but who cares? =^v^=
I should also add a big flower onto my hat because, as my friend Kate says, "flowers on hats are hot this season!". *^v^*

This one gave me a real pleasure especially because I had to frog the bigger part of the Lucinda's sleeves last night... Yes, you heard me correctly, I was about at the hight of the elbows when I realized that I had way too many stitches (and still several increases to make). So I checked the pattern description one more time and to my horror I found out that I completely ignored one expression: "increase 1 stitch in every 8th and 10th row interchangeably 9 times". What I did was of course increasing two stitches, on both sides instead of only one side at a time... I wrote down all the rows and increases on a piece of paper, and now I shouldn't make a second mistake.
Today I'm knitting and painting (I received a new set of Autumn colours paints by post this morning, yikes! ^^), so expect new "Girl Loves..." pictures on Monday!
Have a creative weekend! =^v^=


  1. Oh no, sorry about the sleeves :( That is sooo frustrating! Especially since sleeves are kind of boring to begin with!
    I do love the Pixie hat though, it looks very cute on you.

  2. I love the pixie hat! It is so sweet. I might make one of the baby ones.

    Your paintings are so great too. Sorry that I haven't been by for a while but I had a look through to see them.

  3. your hat turned out great!! Super Cute on.
    Sorry to hear you had to frog your work.

  4. the pixie becomes you, you look like "chaperon rouge" in the woods :)
    i've not made many things since u saw my tie, but then i did make things ... lol