Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Journaling a bit

I finished some journal pages lately:

These two are to honor the great swap with Myriam! *^v^*

Here is my assignment for the SuziBlu's Community - a mandala: it's been created on a green background because green is a colour of hope and I strongly hope for all the things I put here, and they are all connected - so, I need money to pay off all my debts and buy a bigger, better place to live, where I could have my own room - a studio for painting and sewing. These are my current needs.

On the left hand side of my journal I placed all the symbols of my needs on the red background (red being for me a symbol of fulfillment). The disco ball is me being happy about my wishes coming true! *^v^*And it's a funny thing because in her recent email to me Suzi wrote about the place with a disco ball, and here it is - in my journal! Coincidence? No, there's no such thing, it's a destiny! =^v^=

BTW, everybody's doing this so I didn't want to stay behind - I set up my Etsy shop! *^v^*
For now there are two paintings there but I'm planning to sell there my sewn creations and other things created and for creating. More items soon, so stay tuned! ^^

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  1. Oh wow! How sweet! what an honor to be part of your journal pages :)
    I do so hope your all your wishes coem true. You deserve it!