Monday, June 19, 2006

19 June 2004

Two years today. ^^
Well, in fact 14 years together, can you imagine?!... *^-^*

Me and my girls on the night before! ^^

Anna, Zuzia, me, Joanna (Marzena is missing because she's behind the camera)

Next day in the Old Town. The first sunny and warm day after two weeks of rain! ^-^
My Mom almost didn't come to our wedding because I was wearing sari, and not some traditional ecru Western dress!...

Look, how happy we were! ^^
One moment later I spilled the cream from a cake on my outfit and was shouting for help to my bridesmaid Anna... >^v^<


  1. Happy anniversary! I LOVE the sari - what a great wedding dress.

  2. Happy anniversary Joanna! And yes, saris are sooo beautiful, definitely more so than the traditional western wedding dresses!

  3. Happy anniversary. You looked so beautiful - the sari is stunning! Did your bridesmaids wear saris too?

  4. Happy anniversary Joanna!I love the way you both were dressed!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. Congratulations you look wonderful. I hope you are just as happy today!!

    All the best for the next years together. :)

  7. Happy aniversary! Wow, you looked really great! Lovely colors, well chosen. On to many more great years!

  8. happy anniversary and many many happy returns! the sari looks gorgeous on you. where did you buy it? i had the opposite problem: i didn't want to wear a traditional banarasi (the kind you're wearing, with gold weave edging) for my wedding, especially a red one, since it's in all the movies and all, but my mother-in-law and I settled for a compromise in purple! she and everybody else would have freaked out, though, if I'd worn white.

  9. Happy anniversary! Beautiful wedding outfits!