Sunday, June 18, 2006


Resume of the last week plans:

- third felted bag for Bag Me KAL June - finished! I'm going to add one more thing to it, namely the lining, to make it sturdier and because the yarn gets caught by the felted inside of the basket. I also need some inside pockets.
- Ella shawl - growing! I'm starting section III tomorrow.
- toe-up socks using the mysterious yarn - not yet, because I think I need 4 mm needles for this (and I don't have them, need to buy 3 and 4 mm needles).

- band for Robert's caftan - done a bit, but it's still a long way to go...
- kokoshnik (sewing and embroidery) - will be making next week probably

- three skirts for Sylwia - finished! ^^
- two bags for sale ready, three more almost finished
- sleeveless top for sew? I knit - finished! ^^

- tutorials for cord making using the circle and the lucet - posted! ^^

Not bad, huh?! ^-^

My projects for the coming week involve:

- Ella shawl - on going
- toe-up socks - swatching with the mysterious yarn on needles 3,5 mm and 5 mm,
- another felted bag - either Buttonhole Bag or Twice As Nice Bag

- fourth skirt for Sylwia - black linnen with white lace, rather simple pattern, so it should be a quick one
- knitting bag for myself - my first quilted project, so keep your fingers crossed! ^^ It's going to be a basic squared-bottom tote, with lots of inner pockets for books, knitting needles, mobile, and whatever else I'm always carrying around (and I'm really in need for a big bag right now because I noticed that my favourite backpack is slowly loosing its bottom...)
- some new bags for sale - quilted bags, I hope, although I still have to finish five other bags that I've cut and started earlier. But I want to try at least one quilted patchwork bag.

- felted jewelery - I need to knit a bag first, because I need more items to put into washing machine to felt than just several cords... ^^

Looks like another busy week! *^-^*
Off to bed now! ^^


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. LOL


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