Monday, June 26, 2006

Last skirt! ^^


I have finally finished the assignment for my friend Sylwia - four linnen skirts.
Here is the last one - the black one:

I decided to make it a bit avanguard, play with the pattern a bit, and I found out that such skirts are in fashion this season in Poland at least that's what I see in the streets). The design is very easy and I can share it with you.
First, you have to cut the long rectangle that matches the size of your hips, sew it at one side, sew the tunnel for the elastic, put it away for now.

Then, cut a square in the size of your choice (mine was 110 cm) and cut a circle in the middle of the square - you must calculate the radius according to your hip circumference, ex.:
95 cm= 2 pi r, so r=15,1 cm.

Now, sew the hip part to the skirt part, put the elastic in and it's done! ^^

I also added some photos of stylized skirt - that's how she could wear it with different accesories:


  1. Wow, that looks pretty easy to make! I wish I had enough room in my apartment to do some sewing, but it is just too cramped! Oh well, maybe someday.

  2. Joanna,

    The skirt is just lovely! I enjoy popping in to visit your blog because you've always got something creative going on here.


    Evelyn (your old Spring Project Spectrum postcard swap pal)

    In D.C. where we are finally drying out from 12 inches of rain in four days. . .