Friday, June 09, 2006

Designing is fun!

Yes, it's true! ^^ I'm designing and making a bag for Bag Me KAL June project, and I've discovered it's soooo much fun creating something from a scratch, trying out the pattern you have in your mind and confronting it with reality of knitting needles and a skein of yarn!

Pattern soon, of course for public use, my dears! ^^

Today 've been to a very important (for me) event - exhibition of all the creations of the Artistic Centre I've been attending for the past school year! I showed you some of my jewelery pieces before, and today they've been displayed in the glass cabinets, together with my colleagues' works, and they've been surrounded by paintings, sculptures, pottery - all by pupils who attended different art classes for the past 10 months.
Here are some photos (although unfortunately I couldn't take good pictures of the cabinets because of the dim light...)

Gabriel and my best friend Anna are admiring my Butterflies Ring

My Angel (Bat) Necklace next to my friends' creations

My Mom and my Aunt Bozena in front of a Museum - we were listening to an opening speech by the Director of a Museum and the Headmaster of my Artistic Centre

Me, a happy artist! ^^ (Mom cut my legs, of course... ^^)
BTW, the things I'm wearing - the black embroidered coat - well... I've sewn this and embroidered myself like... three years ago, and didn't have a chance to wear it up till today... I simply forgot I had it in my closet!... Silly me!...

One more thing, I've created a new blog today - Friendsheep Bag-o-rama , where I've put some of my bags (the ones I've sewn/knitted up till now and have the photos of them), and will put the patterns for them and all the necessary details. I'll update it with new bags (today I've cut out four new ones! ^^), and I'll also add the missing patterns soon (I must sketch them).


  1. Congrats for the exhibition! It must have been very exciting to have your work displayed to the public. Will you be attending the school some more, of is it just a one-year program?

    Your new blog is a great idea--I'm going to hop on over and take a look. :)

  2. You have many talents!

    The coat looks so good, and that's such a nice picture of you!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I love your outfit, so pretty!

  4. Oh i am gonna check out your new blog..and I can't wait to see the bag your designing up for the kal..supsensful..or i am just so damn impatient.. hurry up would ya.. *grins*

  5. Oh, you are a very clever girl! Just look at that beautiful coat! And honestly, I was immediately thinking, oh wow, I do like that bat, and then read that you created it. Does this creative streak run in your family?

    I must get my sewing gear out! But I have no money right now. My partner's record company is still very new and things are tight. Hoping one day we'll hit the big time!!!!

    Love your stuff.........