Thursday, June 29, 2006


I've been looking through different blogs and I found the crafty Jo. When I saw her recent post I remembered one more craft I can do - please, don't shout!... ^^
I've been doing macrame many many years ago and then totally forgot about it, and macrame is the perfect way to make some jewelery for the wedding I'm going to this Saturday. So I dug out an amethyst and some acrylic beads and made myself a necklace. ^^

Have you seen this page? --> The Nipple Project
I like the idea and I'm sending them the nipple made by my husband! ^^ He naalbinded it from 100% yellow wool, using the antler needle.

Fit and Knit

Today I had my last bellydance class this term. Have I told you that I lost 6 cm from the circumference of my hips? ^v^

Off to make my husband dinner. ^^

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