Saturday, June 03, 2006

FREE PATTERNS - Felted Knitting Bag

What I love about this bag is the different textures in the felted areas - stockinette stitch areas felted creating as if vague vertical ribs when the garter stitch - horizontal ones. It's a good size for a pair of needles and some knitted piece of garment, so I'm calling this the Felted Knitting Bag! ^^

Here is the pattern:

What you need:
- 4 skeins of wool in red, 0,5 skein of wool in orange, 1 skein of wool in yellow (Cristallo, 50 m/50 g skein, needles 8-9 mm recommended)
- needles 8mm circular, 7 mm straight (for the handles)
- tapestry needle or crochet hook

CO 76 st in red colour on 8 mm circulars. Place marker, join and start:
Work the first skein in stockinette stitch.
Switch to orange colour - work in garter stitch till the end of a skein.
Switch to red colour - work in stockinette till the end of a skein. Decrease 8 st equally around in the last red row.
Switch to yellow colour - work in garter stitch till the ned of a skein. Decrease 8 st equally around in the last yellow row.
Switch to red colour - work in stockinette stitch for 8 cm, then finish with three rows of 2x2 rib (it won't be visible in the final felted result, but it'll help the top part of the bag to stay more or less the same size as before felting).
Sew the bottom flat with red yarn.

With 7 mm straight needles, pick up 11 st on the side of a bag.
Follow the pattern:
R1: k3, k5, k3
R2: k3, p5, k3
Repeat those two rows for 62 cm.
Attach the handle on the other side of the bag with red yarn using tapestry needle of a crochet hook.

The unfelted beg has the following measurements:

Felt the bag in 60 degrees.

Felted bag has the following measurements:

Felted flower (optional)

CO 6 st.
R1: sl 1, k
R2: sl 1, p
R3: sl 1, *k 1, yo*
R4: sl 1, p

Now work 10 rows ( R5 to R14) in stockinette stitch, starting with knit row.

R15: sl 1, k2 tog, k 4, k2 tog, k1
R16: sl 1, p2 tog, p 2, p2 tog, p1
R17: sl 1, k2 tog, k2 tog, k1
R18: k3 tog

Knit 5 of the petals. Stitch the petals together and felt the flower. Then, after it's dry, decorate it with beads and sew it on the bag.
I also added some felted three-colour cord (tutorial for making such cords soon!)


  1. I love your pattern. I'm definitely adding it to my knitting "to-do-list".

  2. Joanna! This is gorgeous. I really love the felted flower, too!

    Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  3. Just love this bag, thank you for sharing the pattern. I am printing it out right now and am going to get it started.

  4. This bag is so lovely! Thank you for the pattern. I am going to knit this one next.

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  6. I really love this knitting bag, it looks great! I've just bought a new sewing machine from Sewing Makes Me Happy Website and it's great, I might knit one of these bags to put some of my sewing threads in.