Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Look what the postman brought! ^^

Yes, it's my prize for May bag (Bag Me KAL) - Wendy, you are a Goddess! >*^o^*<

It's a ball of Opal sock yarn - It was one of my "knitter's dream" yarn, I've seen Opal here and there on blogs and wondered how on Earth I could get my hands on a skein - and here it is, right in my arms! ^^
Second one - a huge (250 g) skein of awesome orange New Zealand wool for another felted bag! ^v^

And the bag pattern (in fact, two bags - smaller and bigger) - The "Twice As Nice" Bag. I think I might combine this orange Wool Pak with the green wool I have left from my Yarn Guard Basket and make a two-colour version.

And last, but not least, I got a fan - very handy right now, since we started to have a real hot summer in Poland! Thank you very, very much! ^^


I finished the top for Sew? I knit just in time. I still got some of this fabric, maybe I'll make a matching bag? ^^

Here is also the photo of a blue skirt for Sylwia (my camera finally decided to cooperate!).

And I'm felting the Yarn Guard Basket today, so I hope to post the tutorial and photos at the end of the week.


My first year as a jeweler's apprentice is almost finished, there are only three classes left and then there will be summer break. I already enlisted for next year - this time I won't have to sit in front of the Artistic Centre closed doors from 12:00 till 17:00 to apply (some girls waited since 9:00 in the morning!...) I have so many ideas, and finally I'll be able to transform many jeweler's stones I kept buying for years into pieces of jewelery for me and for my family. Even now I'm working on something, but I cannot tell you yet, because I'm not sure whether my husbands reads my blog - and it's a surprise for him for our 2nd wedding anniversary (whic is on 19th June). So, whatever it is, I'll show you next week! ^-^
BTW, if you want to see some works of my teacher, here is his webpage: Roman Kowalkowski , the page is in Polish, but there are no descriptions, only his jewelery, oil paintings and artistic photos.


  1. The top is sooo cute! OK, everything you make is cute :)
    I haven't tried Opal yet--I tried ordering some recently and they were out of the color I wanted. It's next on my list though.

  2. The blue skirt is just as lovely as the others and that top is lovely. You are always so productive!

  3. Thank you very much! ^^
    Kendra, I am so productive that I sometimes think I don't know how to rest - even when my hands are not occupied with knitting or sewing, I'm planning next projects in my mind!...