Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Look what I got! ^^

Totally unexpected! ^^

I got a gift from Halina, one of my Amazon wishlist books, "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush.
It is an absolute surprise for me and I am a very happy girl, since socks are one of my best items to knit (next to lace shawls and bags!). I looked through the book quickly on my way home from the post office and I'm already in love with some patterns. ^^
I even thought about the One Pair of Socks a Month project, maybe a KAL? We'll see about that later. ^-^
Of course, I'm not going to leave this situation unanswered, so as soon as I hear from Halina and get to know her preferences, I'm sending a big parcel all the way to Chicago! >^o^<


Yesterday I spent 1,5 hours at the polishing machine and here is the final view of the cat pendant for Robert:

Forgive the funny angle but it's so hard to take a good picture of it now... it's like a mirror and when I tried to take a photo from the front everything got reflected in its surface: me, the camera, the rest of the room... ^^
Last night I had my last class in this school year. So, now I have two months of gathering tools, stones, silver, and ideas, and in September I'm starting another year of my jewellery adventure! ^^
For now in the jewellery field I'm playing with wool and beads, if my swatches turn out fine, I'll show you first results soon!

My own business

Well, I'm not talking about my business exactly, but I'd like to recommend a series of posts from Whip Up, written by Alicia Paulson, about how to set up and run your own business.

Naming your craft business
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Pricing your work

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