Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Knitting and sewing like crazy

That's what I've been doing for the past few days!...
I'm sewing bags - two of them here finished:

I must admit this is my favourite model so far! It's very spacious, very neatly fits the armpit as well as comfortable while kept in hand. I'll be making one for myself definitely!
For the details and patterns - visit my Friendsheep Bag-o-rama blog! ^^

I've been also knitting.
Yarn Guard Basket for Bag Me KAL is almost ready. I still need to knit 10 top rows with some fuzzy yarn and the handle. And then felt it. I'm very anxious about the final size after felting. It's fun to felt! ^^

Ella is growing, too.

Look, I've arranged a heart shape with my Ella! ^^

I made two mistakes on the way and had to frogg two rows, but it's going fairly easy, once you get the rhytm of this pattern. I'm almost done with section II, and it's time to decide whether I want this to be triangular or like in the original design. I've already thought about that a bit and I think I'll make this one in the funky shape for myself, and the second one sometime in November for my Mom in triangular shape - I think I've found a pattern for her Christmas present! ^^

And because my camera played tricks today I cannot show you the blue skirt for Sylwia I've sewn yet... But I'll try to take a good photo tomorrow. Now I only have one to sew - the black one. Yatta! ^^

Last Saturday was the first really sunny and warm day in Poland this season. ^^ So, we spent time outside. First we went with Robert's father to a picnic organised for the Polish subway employees.

Sunny day, yatta! ^^

Firemen's truck that can go into the subway tunnel on rails and carry the rescue operation.

Robert and his father.

And then we and our friends Anna and Gabriel went to the Amusement Park, and Robert with Anna decided on a roller-coaster!... It wasn't very big, but they were scared anyway, and they both decided while being in the highest point that they changed their minds and want to quit, but it was too late!... ^^

You should hear them scream! ^^


  1. Cute bags, and I love the happy flower fabric! :)

  2. Those bags are wonderful. I just love the detail on them. Another great job!

  3. I have to intervene here! You must make at least one Ella in the correct shape, otherwise you might not be able to just wear it so easily over your shoulders and down the length of your arms, like a lacy cardigan almost. I think the shape is important (depending on how you want to wear it, of course).

    Lovely bags.