Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ella troublemaker

So, I'm knitting Ella shawl.
I started on Sunday and knitted the first section. Nice and easy.
Then, on Monday, I knitted the first 8 rows of section II and found out that something was wrong - two stitches were missing and I couldn't complete the pattern...
I frogged eight rows and even managed to catch all the stitches correctly but the number still wasn't right - I had 52 st instead of 54.

So, I frogged it all and started again from the beginning. Finished section I, counted the stitches - 52...
Okay, I said, let's breath deeply for a moment and count again.
So I did. And you know what? There were in fact, 54 stitches on the needle! (*^-^*)
I just made a mistake while counting. So, I knitted 4 rows of the section II and the pattern's fine! And I even know what was wrong first time - in the last row of section I you should make double yarn overs in places where you were doing singles yarn overs before, I must have not noticed this detail while reading the pattern.
(note to myself: clean your glasses! ^^)

I really like the way Ella started to appear and the pattern is fairly easy to follow (although not so easy to memorize, so I have to look at the print-out very often).

Yesterday I managed to finish two skirts for my friend Sylwia. The story behind those skirts is the following: she gave me four pieces of linnen: the pink one, the light green one, the blue one and the black one, and she said "Make four skirts for me in whatever style comes to your mind, what's left of the fabrics is yours."
So, here are the first two:

(technical shot to show the butterflies)
Velvet butterflies and velvet ribbons. Elastic in the waistline.

This one I adore! (I mean, the way it turned out). Velvet maroon ribbons with sequins and beads, elastic in the waistline.

Still, two more to go - the black one will be plain, only some white lacing around the edge, but for the blue one I decided to add some fabric with blue flowers on. I hope she'll like all four of them! ^^

Oh, and I managed to cut out the front panels for the sleeveless top I'm making for Sew? I knit, so I may even finish it this week as well! ^^


  1. Those skirts are lovely. I bet your friend will be really pleased. I can't wait to see the next two.

  2. What fun skirts! I can't wait to see your shirt.

  3. That was me that left that last comment. Oops