Friday, June 30, 2006


Whenever I need a change, I move the furniture around the rooms or re-dye my hair. At least it worked in the apartment I lived in with my parents... Now, we've been living in a very small place, and the furniture is on the contrary - big and unmovable!... So, what's left? Hair colouring! ^^
I got a bit tired with the red head, so I'm getting darker now. In fact, it's darker than I thought it would be... Or maybe 'm not used to the shades of black on my head? I'll see how I look like tomorrow in the sunshine. ^^


I have finished my Rainbow Scarf last night and here it is:

I really loved working with this yarn - it's the softest yarn I've ever had. Perfect colours and perfect size! ^^

And now I'm off to a poncho I was comissioned to make - this is my own design (I'll publish it soon), and you can see the similar ponchos I've made last year here. Very quick and easy! ^^

Today I also got yarn (100% wool) for my Run About Bag and another bag project (haven't decided yet what to knit).

(the photos are dark but these are the real colours of the yarn)


I finished the bag for tomorrow's wedding, bought a pair of new black shoes (I can't go in the violet ones, they're made of plastic so they're not suitable for a hot summer day without stockings...), and I'm ready to have fun! ^^

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