Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Off into the third year...

Thank you very much for your nice comments on my last post! ^^ Well, you know, 14 years together must mean something, ne? ^^ I believe I chose the right man.
Lobstah, I had only one bridesmaid and she wasn't wearing a sari (although we thought about that). She was wearing a very elegant short black dress. So short that when she was sitting down, the dress was going up considerably and all the male guests at the ceremony were suddenly very nervous!... ^-^
Desi, I bought my sari online, from . I love buying from them, it was my fourth purchase and everytime I was very happy about the products as well as the extremely fast shipping from India to Poland. Not to mention that I paid half of what I would have paid here for a Western wedding dress - and it's six metres of embroidered silk with Svarovski crystals all over (it was the first time I really shimmered in the sunlight... *^v^* )!
BTW, my husband was wearing the XVIII-th century suit which was made by the tailor from a scratch, and I also ordered for him a tophat from the lady who works in the National Great Theatre in Warsaw.
And on Monday evening we went to a sushi restaurant and I was wearing the same shoes as two years ago! ^^

Off to other things now! ^^

Ella shawl is growing!

I am currently in row 7 of section IV, which means I finished the main part and started the right wing of the shawl. I must admit that this pattern is a bit tricky - it's rather easy to make a mistake - forget to yo or pass the slipped stitch over the knit one (at least for me) but those mistakes are easy to fix and after the third section it's knitting up rather quickly.
I would like to try this design with some multi-coloured yarn one day.
And I also thought about the blocking of this shawl - I believe it'll end up quite big and I thought about steam pressing it instead of blocking. Have you ever tried it?

Yesterday I modified my Yarn Guard Basket - I added the lining with some sturdy interlining to the handle and just the lining to the rest of the basket - in this way the handle doesn't fall down inside and the ball of yarn doesn't get caught by the felted surface of the basket.

I can finally show you my surprise present for Robert for our anniversary - I made him a silver cat that is based on a pattern from a X-th c. Novgorod, Russia. It's a pendant and he'll use it for the necklace for our historical reenactment outfit.

It still needs a lot of machine polishing! Yes, I know, I didn't make it in time, but he was happy anyway. ^^

Additionally, he got two simple silver horses of Viking origin. ^^

And, you've probably seen this already on Saartje's blog, but I would highly recommend visiting Whip Up site. It's a place for crafty people like us, full of ideas, inspirations, news about artists, techniques, exhibitions, patterns, you name it!


  1. I love the jewelry! Are you going to be selling it on-line any time soon? :D

  2. I steam-pressed both my Ellas. I stretched parts of them out in all directions (using knees, hands, elbows!) and steamed them like crazy! Worked a treat.

    Lovely silver. Very creative.

  3. Have you tried

    They have a good collection of sari's too and offer custom tailoring for blouses.


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