Sunday, June 04, 2006

Shawl-ing again! ^^

Back on the knitting track! ^^

My current projects involve:

- third felted bag for Bag Me KAL June - this time I decided to design the basket for my I-am-currently-knitting projects, because I've just found out that maybe I have many bags for keeping the yarn in, but I don't have the basket-shaped container to keep the yarn ball in while knitting (and the yarn ball keeps falling off my knees, swirls around the floor, catches the dust and becomes the object of cat-curiosity, which is not healthy for a yarn ball at all!... ^^). So, I'll be knitting orange/yellow/green basket.

- Ella shawl from - this one I caught from Alice (thank you, Alice! ^o^). I can't believe I omitted this pattern while looking through Knitty archives! It's beautiful and the shape is unusual (although it can also be knitted as a triangle). I've already knitted section I, using the moss green yarn I bought for my Swan Neck jumper... well, yes,...

- my Swan Neck jumper - unfortunately must wait for a better yarn, because this one is not good at all - when I knit with one thread it's too small and too lacy, when I use two threads together (like it says in the pattern) it's too thick and it doesn't look nice! So, it'll have to wait till July, when I'll go to a wholesaler for a new yarn.

- and maybe this week I'll manage to start the toe-up socks using the mysterious yarn I bought on-line, which I believe should give a good stripey result! ^^

- I'll continue with the caftan band for Robert, frankly speaking I'm sick of this pattern now, but I have to do another 2 metres and it's bye-bye forever with this design!

- I've already designed the pattern for kokoshnik - the medieval Russian headwear I'll be making, I gathered all the fabrics and beads, so I hope to start making it soon.

- this week I'll definitely finish at least three skirts for my friend Sylwia (the pink one is almost ready, I need to make two more sewing machine turns!)

- I'll make some new bags and put them on-line on sale, because financial situation in this house is not funny at all, I'm telling you...

- maybe I'll start with the sleeveless top for sew? I knit

- hoping to post tutorials for cord making using the circle and the lucet (tools are almost ready)

All this in one week?...
Ambitious, ne? >*^v*^<
Happy creating!

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  1. Oh my, you certainly do have a lot on your list for the week.
    Just so you know, my mom bought me a plastic ball bag called a daisy bag at knitpicks which works great to keep your yarn where it belongs.
    I just finished a wrap shirt from Burda that's similar to yours but with arms. I'll be posting, hopefully tomorrow. I know the feeling about not wanting to sew something summery when it's so cold.