Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bags on the way!

There's a photo of wool at the end of this post! ^^

I've just received (took out of my letterbox) a brand new Summer edition of Gudrun Sjoden's fashion. OMG!!! I love love love her designs and I would buy them in bulks (if only I could afford them!...). She uses only natural fabrics - silks, cottons, wools, bases her projects on folk designs - lots of prints, embroideries and colours! Go check her website, it's worth it!!!
And now I'm off to bake a chocolate cake, yummy!... ^^

I am evil!
I bought some yarn today!...
Although it was a bargain (it always is, ne?... ^^). I bought on-line some 100% cotton of a limited edition - two colour mixes: different shades of pink/fuchsia/violet and green with pink and yellow rays.

I want to knit Clapotis out of the first one, and a pair of socks of what's left, and socks out of the second one. It should arrive later this week.

BTW, SnowWhite shawl - 52 cm! ^^


I finally got myself to sewing - I finished a skirt today! ^^ In fact, first, I totally forgot about that skirt, and second, it was almost finished, but needed a hem to be done, but anyway - I FINISHED it! ^-^
One procrastinated project down, millions still to go.

I'm also sewing bags today. I dug out all the bags I cut out of different fabrics - they usually need lining and a zipper or a magnet.

I also feel the urge to finish the skirts for my friend Sylwia - she asked me last Autumn to sew some skirts of the fabrics she gave me, and it's Springtime so I feel a bit ashamed and I'm going to finish them soon! One is light green, one is light pink, there is a dark blue one and the black one. Photos soon!


I told you there'd be wool! ^-^
Two years ago we went to Borre in Norway for a Viking market and I took this photo of a beautiful 100% wool, hand spun and dyed, about 80 m/skein.

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