Monday, April 10, 2006

New Knitty! And other stuff.

OMG, I've just found out that the Spring edition of Knitty is on the website! ^^

*off to browse through new patterns!...*

Okay, I'm back! (You hardly noticed I was gone, ne? ^^)
So, here are the patterns that caught my eye:

Exchequered scarf
Tendrils shawl
Convertible shrug
Topi hat designed by Jeni - I love baseball hats, so this one has to be on my list!
Pedicure Socks
Hedera socks - I'm very much into knitting socks nowadays! ^^

And, have you ever seen a knitted squid before?... (*^-^*)


I've decided to make a short resume of my fiber art career up till now (and my knitting career since September last year up till now! ^^).

I can (or at least tried once...):
- sew by hand and using sewing machine,
- do different kinds of embroidery (all basic stitches, cross-stitch, white work, colour work),
- knit
- crochet (that's what I meant by 'tried once', I don't like it, but could crochet a few rows with a gun at my head...^^)
- handweave on simple looms, on heddle, on cards

Not bad, huh? *^-^*

I want to learn (at least try once...^^):
- spinning,
- dyeing fiber and fabric,
- felting,
- how to use a serger (but first I must buy one...),
- embroider using richelieu technique (my Granny was a richelieu Goddess!),

Now, as far as knitting is concerned, I started to knit in September 2005.
Since that time I knitted:
- one vest of my own design,
- lots of scarves,
- one pair of fingerless gloves (but with a thumb!),
- one bizarre sweater,
- lots of capes,
- almost one sock,
- one neck-warmer with cable pattern,
- three pieces of lace scarf I still haven't decided what to do with... ><, Techniques I learnt: - working with standard needles, circular needles, dpns, - how to knit a cable pattern (even without a cable needle, I used half-a-circular for spare stitches! ^^), - how to knit with two colours (although my checkered scarf is not finished yet so I'm not sure if it counts as "up till now"), - how to knit lace pattern, - how it is to work with needles size 2/US 0 as well as size 20/ US 35, I set up my knitting preferences to: - scarves/shawls, - capes/boleros, I like the idea of knitting gloves and socks although it bothers me that I have to make two of them (I easily get bored and distracted, so being forced to repeat exactly the same piece doesn't sound like fun at all!... I know, genetically people have hands and feet in pairs, unfortunately!... ><). And, last but not least, let me show you our today's diner (prepared by myself! ^-^):

There are lots of maki of three kinds: with smoked salmon, cucumber and pickled plum; and the rest are nigiri with Japanese egg pancakes, ebi (shrimp), tako (octopus) and ika (squid). And on Thursday I'm going to a fish market for some fresh tuna, salmon or butterfish. ^^

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  1. I am blown away by the fact that you only started knitting last September!!!

    You have done so well and achieved so much!!