Sunday, April 16, 2006

Snow White shawl

I somehow survived yesterday's family-visiting-and-eating... ^^
Although when we got back home at 22:00, I just had a cup of tea, knitted two (exactly: two) rows of my Snow White shawl and decided it's definitely time to go to sleep.
But, the good point of yesterday was a gift from my aunt Basia - she gave me about 10 pairs of different knitting needles she doesn't use anymore, including sock dpns size 2/US 0! ^-^

Talking about my shawl, the world is so small... I wanted to give you the pattern for my Snow White shawl (which is constantly growing, of course! ^^ I have 42 cm.) - I found it in some old Polish knitting magazine. But it seems the same pattern can be found here, under the name of a Fishtail Lace Scarf. ^^

Anyway, mine goes as follows (the pattern is framed with garter stitches):

What you need:
- mohair, lace weight
- needles size 4/US 6

The pattern is worked upon the repeats of 8 stitches.
CO 108 st.

Knit 6 rows.

R1: k6, [k, yo, k, k, sl 2, k, psso, k, k, yo] - repeat 12 times, k6
R2: k6, p till last 6 st, k6
R3: k6, [k, k, yo, k, sl 2, k, psso, k, yo, k] - repeat 12 times, k6
R4: k6, p till last 6 st, k6
R5: k6, [k, k, k, yo, sl 2, k, psso, yo, k, k] - repeat 12 times, k6
R6: k6, p till last 6 st, k6

Repeat these six rows throughout the whole shawl.

Knit 6 rows.

Weave in all the ends, block and enjoy! ^^


More news: I frogged the piece of light green sweater today.
Yes, I have.
It's called "Mistakes of the beginner knitter", also known as "The Wrong Assumptions".
I started to think about the project and looked carefully at the directions in a magazine. I was supposed to use the yarn sport weight 124m/50g. I didn't. I used the fingering weight 260m/50g. I was supposed to knit on needles 3,5. I didn't. I used needles 2/US 0.
But, I was wise enough to count the stitches and adjust their number to reach the required gauge, so I cast on 120 st instead of 90 st, and I thought that it would be enough to have the right size of a sweater in the end.
I was wrong, of course!
Because it's not enough to cast on more stitches. When you use thinner yarn and smaller needles, the stitches are just smaller, so you have to knit more rows and, in case of a sweater, which is shaped to fit the curves of a body, you have to adjust all the increases/decreses of stitches as well. And I cannot do this, I can only follow the pattern (at least I'm not capable of doing adjustments on such complicated raglan pattern).
So, I frogged the piece of 3x3 rib and now I have 200g (1120 m) of light green fingering mohair free to be transformed into something else.
Lace shawl, maybe?... (*^-^*)

I was browsing today and added some knitting books to my wishlist (they'll have to wait till the payday, as most of the things I want to buy, I guess...). I added Nancy Bush's sock books, Vintage knitting patterns, three Poncho patterns books, Vogue Knitting subscription - I wrote directly to the publisher to order it but they haven't answered for over a week now...
I am also going to be very brave and order some knitting books in Japanese from - Sartje says the charts published in the books are easy to read so I really do not need to speak Japanese, so I'm going to give it a try... ^-^

I feel a bit uneasy, because I have only two projects on the needles now - my for-the-next-Winter-checkered scarf and the Snow White shawl. So don't be surprised if I cast on for something new. ^^

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