Saturday, April 15, 2006

Christmas preparations ^^

I've added 100 things about me, just in case you would like to get to know me better. ^^

I know it's WAY too soon to think about the Christmas presents, but I already started to make plans for this year's knitted gifts list. I may change it many times on the way but at least I'll be prepared! (Me, being the Queen of Procrastination, should really start in April if I don't want to keep running on 24th Dec and buying last minute crap...).
I wanted to knit for my beloved ones last year but I had this serious right hand injury during my jewelery class (sawing a plate of copper for three hours hurt my sinew and I wore stiffener on the right palm and took lots of laser sessions to heal it), so I even had to give up knitting (and mostly all the things that you perform with your right hand...) at the beginning of December for over two months.
So, this year I'm definitely knitting for Christmas! Well, if I start now, I'll be sure to stock up all the items BEFORE I get another brilliant idea of hurting my hand in some interesting way... ^^

So, I made a list on the sidebar and I put there proposed gifts for three people so far:
* my father-in-law - fingerless gloves, and I may add some funny scarf or hat,
* my mother-in-law I (Yes, I have two of them! (Because Robert's parents are divorced and father has a second wife.) And both are really cool. ^^ This one is my husband's mother) - Feather and Fan shawl - as I like knitting lace patterns and I think she'll like it,
* my mother-in-law II - Clapotis - as I read on many blogs, people either knit this like crazy or laugh at the name of it, but I think it'll fit perfectly with the young nature of my mum-in-law II (she's 40, and I'm 31, that's funny! ^^)
More to come as soon as my knitting skills catch up with some new challenging projects.

My SnowWhite shawl is growing constantly. I have already 30 cm/12 in.
I made a mistake last night - I somehow managed to loose one stitch, I probably forgot one YO, but I found out two full rows later, so I decided not to frogg it. I know I probably should have corrected it but I couldn't make myself do it, and in fact it's hardly visible at all. It happened in a place where I had to slip two stitches (in this case I had only one stitch left to slip), then knit one st and pass those two over it. So, I slipped one, knitted one and passed one. And you would have to look really closely and with a magnifying glass to find it. ^^

I should switch to circulars because the shawl is getting heavy.

And I suddenly thought about finishing my green mohair sweater (although I don't like the way the turtleneck looks here, I may change it into 3x3rib).
Because my imagination showed me the picture of a beautiful green lace shawl!... And I need to finish the sweater first so I know how much of this gorgeous light green yarn is left. I'm getting lace-crazy!...

Also, my husband decided he doesn't want a 2-metre white scarf on needles size 2/US 0 he wanted before (he's really lucky I'm not in the middle of knitting it!... At least his explanation is fully satisfying: It's too much work for me compared with the amount of time he'll wear it, so I'd better devote this time to knitting something more useful for me. That's why I love him! ^^). But we also talked about black sweater for him, so as soon as the payday comes (meaning: in two weeks time...) I'm going to a yarn wholesaler to buy:
- black bulky wool for Robert's sweater
- copper brown worsted for my Bare Shoulders sweater (which I'm going to call "Swan Neck", since it hasn't got any name in the magazine)
- orangy copper fingering for Clapotis for me (just crossed my mind... I told you I get bored easily and just have to have several projects on the needles!)
We'll see how it goes (that is, what is really available).

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrate this holiday! ^^
Please keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow because I'm going to go through the very heavy ordeal - whole day of Easter family visiting!!! (Breakfast at my parents', lunch at Robert's mother's, and dinner at his father's!...) And you know what that means - everybody wants you to spend most of your time at theirs, eat all that they bought/prepared/put on a table, enjoy and entertain!... Have mercy!...

I'll leave you with my cat. ^^
Barbie caught red-handed while trying to help with my knitting (and plotting to tuck the green pen under the sofa, like she did the day before!...)
Getting ready to run for her life...

What she of course did!

And finished in Robert's arms. Cat is not as happy as he is! ^^


  1. hey that shawl is looking good! i also just cast on for a clapotis after resisting it for so long. it is a great pattern.