Saturday, April 22, 2006

I got it too!

Yes, I've caught it like many humble and noble knitters before!...

I've got Clapotis!

In fact, I've got a few centimetres up till now, but it's growing! (I told you that I'd cast on for a new project soon!... ^^)
I started last night and slowly progressing. Why slowly? Because this new cotton yarn of mine is a real pain in the backside to work with! >< It consists of about 12 very thin threads and they split like crazy, so I have to be very careful while operating the needles (After some more swatching I chose size 3 eventually). But I'm pleased with the result and I cannot wait till I get to the dropped stitch rows (still long way to go, especially because I ran out of markers so this project will have to wait till Monday when I go and buy more of them!).
I still have no idea how the dropped stitch rows are supposed to be knitted...

Now, off to my neglected Snow White shawl! ^^


  1. Oh, dropping those stitches is so much fun! It'll grow fast when you get to that point, for sure. It certainly did for me!

  2. Congratulations on your first sock. Love your Snow White shawl. Pozdrowienia