Friday, April 28, 2006

FREE PATTERNS - Show White Shawl

Snow White Shawl
Started: 11th April
Finished: 30th April
Size: 132 cm x 73 cm
Yarn: 220 g of white mohair blend from old stash (no paper band on the skein so no idea of details)
Needles: US 6 / 4 mm
Notes: It has 282 rows. The pattern is very easy to memorise, so I soon after starting knitted without looking at the chart.
(black shadow underneath is my chair)


What you need:
- mohair, lace weight
- needles size 4/US 6

The pattern is worked upon the repeats of 8 stitches.

CO 108 st.

Beginning: Knit 6 rows.

R1: k6, [k, yo, k, k, sl 2, k, psso, k, k, yo] - repeat 12 times, k6
R2: k6, p till last 6 st, k6
R3: k6, [k, k, yo, k, sl 2, k, psso, k, yo, k] - repeat 12 times, k6
R4: k6, p till last 6 st, k6
R5: k6, [k, k, k, yo, sl 2, k, psso, yo, k, k] - repeat 12 times, k6
R6: k6, p till last 6 st, k6

Repeat these six rows throughout the whole shawl.

Finishing: Knit 6 rows.

Weave in all the ends, block and enjoy! ^^


  1. That is so pretty, I think I might attempt one while we're on holiday!!

  2. I printed your shawl and will bring to work to show to my collegue knitters. Several girls started a " knit club " and knit joyfully everyday during the lunch break. I think it is very sweet of you to share your patterns. This shawl is so lovely !