Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FREE PATTERNS - Bluberry Ice-cream Scarf

This scarf is made in an interesting variation of a rib. Looks good on any worsted to bulky yarns.
Mine is light worsted wool blend, two shades of violet, width 15 cm/ 6 in, lenght 90 cm/36 in.
Pattern is worked on repeats of 4 stitches.

CO number of stitches dividable by 4 plus 2.

The pattern is:
R1: sl1, [k1, k1, p1, p1] - repeat till 1 last st, k1
R2: sl1, [k1, k1, k1, p1] - repeat till 1 last st, k1

The flower is detachable, pattern found on Knitty.

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