Thursday, April 13, 2006

For the love of a stitch

I believe I didn't show you my knitted pink coif yet. So, here it is, very pink indeed! ^^

On the sidebar I've added two free patterns of my scarves - just simple stitch combinations that can give nice results and can be an alternative to a plain stockinette. Enjoy! ^^
Wind in the Fields Scarf
Blueberry Ice-cream Scarf

This morning I've invented a new tasty breakfast dish - oh, maybe somebody else invented it before but I did it today, in my kitchen ;->
Take equal parts of chopped:
- smoked salmon
- cottage cheese
- cucumber
- radishes
Mix well, add some cream to bind it, and some salt and pepper. Yummy! ^^
Talking about the kitchen... Funny things can happen, when you put the pot filled with some water (read: not enough water) and beans on the stove, and go to another room... After some time you start to think "Interesting, somebody's dinner is getting burned. Oh, why do people forget about the pots on a stove and don't pay attention to them, and the whole block of flats has this terrible smell for days... Aaaaaaaa! My beans!!!"
No kitchen, stove or pot were injured during the making of this paragraph fortunately (although some beans were...).

I'm having a fascination phase nowadays. Fascination with a simple garter stitch! ^^
When I look at my SnowWhite shawl (almost 15 cm/6 in! ^^), on the garter stitch edges, to be precise, I am amazed with the beauty of it! And the practicality, of course - it doesn't curl up like the stockinette. I declare April the Month of Garter Stitch!

Money again...
Yesterday my husband paid $400 for some car repairs. Next week we have to pay $500 for the car insurance for next year. And then some more repairs for another $400... And I also realised that we'll have to buy Summer tyres soon...
Gosh, maybe we should switch to bicycles? I'm depressed!...
Want to see the monster?...

Want to have the monster?...

PS.: I've just realized that I totally forgot to take a picture of my postcard for Evelyn!... You know, just for me, for the record... I was so eager to take it to the Post Office yesterday (and not feeling very well because of my cold) that I just put it into an envelope, grabbed it and rushed out. Me, stupid woman!...


  1. Johanna,

    Happy Easter to you! I have fallen behind from being so sick. I had meant to have your card mailed to you by now. I just wanted to pop in and say hello so that you know I have not forgotten you. I will finish and mail it next week.

    Joy & peace,


  2. Happy Easter to you, Evelyn! Don't worry about the card, I'll be patiently waiting. ^^ Mine's on the way to you, I hope it'll arrive soon.
    Take care and happy knitting!^^

  3. Great pink coif!
    Oh I know how it is with car repair bills. We paid 500 EUROS two months ago and they said we need to make repairs for 1500 soon. UGH Should we not eat and feed the car instead?
    On a much happier note- I hope you have a Happy Easter!

  4. HI , hope you are having a happy Easter, I certainly am! I too love garter stitch in fact most of my shawls have been in this as I like that it is reversable.

    Sorry no can do , that is take the monster have enough here!!

    Knit on , PS hope you are feeling better today!