Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Under the sea of plans

Yes, I'm still making bags, if anyone asks... I counted them yesterday - I'm making 10 bags at a time, so when I finish them all... there will be a lot to photograph and show you (of course, I won't keep them all for myself, I'll be selling them).

My Snow White shawl is growing, it's 102 cm this morning (the photo was taken yesterday morning, when it was 90 cm long), and I started to wonder, how long should it be? Any suggestions? Because it seems I can keep on going with this pattern until the end of the yarn ball (and it's still quite a while till it happens). I got so familiar with this pattern that my average knitting time has shrunk from 35 minutes per one motive (6 rows) to 20 minutes per one motive.
Somebody, stop me! ^-^

My Clapotis is also growing (although very slowly because of that multi-thread yarn...). I wasn't sure if I'm doing it right so I even checked the archives of the Clapotis KO KAL, but it seems that it should look like that on this stage - just a few more rows and I'll start dropping the stitches (I can't wait!).


I decided to list my near future projects, so I can have them in one place and check what's done and what's not.
So, in the next two months I'll be working on the following projects:
- Snow White shawl - not much to knit, I think I'll finish it in 5 - 8 days,
- Clapotis - still lots to be done, in progress,
- Tote Exchange project for my secret pal - I know her preferences, so I'm considering the pattern and colour choice now, I have some vague notion of what to knit but I must write down a pattern, I'm very excited because it'll be my first international bag swap ever!
- knitted bag for Bag Me KAL - I've just joined this KAL and I'm waiting for the May assignment, I'm very anxious and excited, since the May assignment will be a contest with a prize at the end! (but I'm doing it for the love of bags, not for the award, of course! ^^)
- I joined Poncho KAL - and I'm going to knit the poncho you've seen in red and black, but in green probably, but not according to the original pattern by Christine , but to my version of this. (In the orginal version you end up with a decrease lines directly on the shoulder blades, and I tried to "move" them on the central part of the shoulders, we'll see how it goes.)
- I also want to knit Twisted Float Shrug by Annie Modesitt, but still desperately trying to get the pattern. I wrote to Vougue Knitting in the USA, but they didn't bother to answer, I'm trying the UK branch today. Wish me luck! ^^
- Till 22nd May I have to finish the embroidered bands for my husband's Russian caftan - we are going for a medieval event then, so I'm starting it soon to be ready in time!
- Also numerous bags - I decided to get rid of the stash fabric I collected over the years, and what is the better way to do it than to sew bags (or skirts, I'll see! ^^).
- And I have some stash fabric devoted to summer clothing for me, inspired by the Gudrun Sjoden's designs.

Seems like a lot?
I'm sure I'm going to add more to it! (*^-^*)

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  1. Wow...you are cranking out projects left and right! Snow White shawl looks beautiful.