Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good vs. bad

Good news of the day
- I didn't eat a single meat piece or bread (two VASA diet cardboard pieces doesn't count as "bread" in a proper sense of the word!), just rice and fresh shrimps/octopus, and some joghurt. Yes, lots were left after last night's dinner, but I love it! I feel light and not hungry at all. ^^
- I didn't buy any ice cream (although I was standing in front of a shop fridge for a very long while and staring at different ice creams, even on those 1 kg-chocolate flavour-boxes!... ><)
- I put on web auctions my stash yarn that I don't want/need anymore, nothing fancy, just some old rests of skeins but useful for beginning knitters or weavers (they're always in search of cheap colourful yarns!). Maybe I'll make some money on this ^^

Bad news of the day:
- we are out of money for this month (it's 11th, mind you!), because on the one hand - we had to pay for car repairs and insurance of the car for the next year, and on the other hand - Robert got his salary without a huge overtime he did last month, because somebody in HR forgot to count it into his payment!... ><
So, credit cards again, I hate it! I'm so useless with money!...
- I forgot to play lottery for this week, argh....
- I'm having terrible aches in my legs these days, it's my reumatism and the weather is changing so I can't do anything about it, well... (It sounds like I'm a Granny, but I'm 31, believe me! ^^)

I'm starting new knitting project: mystery shawl of my own design. If it works, I'll share it with you! ^^ Also, expect some free scarf patterns soon!

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  1. Oh, "no money" I can identify with that!!

    I really "must" stay away from the shops until next week as I want "some" money to spend when I go to the wool festival. Can't imagine walking through the trades hall and not buying anything!!

    Credit cards are OK but only if you can pay it off before it is due. I hate giving the banks money in interest!! :( I had to live on mine for a while while probate and family court etc etc was sorted, not a nice experience. I try to keep mine to the min now.

    Love the "sock". Now I "hate" having to knit the next sock. But with all the talk on the net about socks may just have to try or at least knit the other one of a pair I have already knitted the first one of. Now where did I put that pattern...........???

    Knit on >^..^<