Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Busy bee! Sick bee...

I was planning to finally clean up the balcony and prepare it for planting flowers, and generally turn it into a nice sitting place for Spring and Summer, but I woke up ill today, having a terrible cold and cough, so instead I decided to stay indoors (I'm skipping my jewelery class this evening...), and work upon some procrastinated project of mine! ^^
I made a plan: to finish one such project a day.


Okay, maybe it's a bit too optimistic... (Well, It's WAY too optimistic, I know that!)

But at least that's the plan and I'll try to stick to it! ^-^
Those who read my blog (I know, there are a few people out there ^^), please keep asking me about the bags (and corsets, and skirts), and just kick me in the butt so I would finish them one by one!!! If you're not going to do this, I'm going to drown under the pile of unfinished, cut-out pieces of clothing, long past the due date...

Here are three of my many cut out bags, ready to be assembled:

And here is the fabric for my knitting bag (mentioned several post before), I'm working on the pattern today.

Today I'm also working on my Project Spectrum Postcard Swap for Evelyn, because it's high time to send it to her! (I'm sending it tomorrow, I wonder how long it'll take it to travel from Poland to US?).

Last night I found Laurie's knitting blog and I must say, I can't stop myself from keeping reading it and laughing my head off! ^^ I'm in May 2005 posts right now, she has an awesome sense of humor, four adorable cats (I myself have an adorable cat, so I know what I mean, mind you! ^^), ups and downs in life (who hasn't?...) portrayed in a funny way and her knitter's adventures remind me of my own beginnings (as I said, I'm reading posts from May last year, so now she is far more experienced in knitting than me - a merely half-a-year knitter).
BTW, Laurie, don't you whine about the gas price, please, you payed $2,56/gallon last year - I pay $4,8/gallon. Imagine this! And my car is Mazda MPV 3 litre. (But it's Poland, anyway..)

I've been also working on my mystery shawl project. It's a lace pattern of six rows repeating over and over again, done over 106 stitches (I started to wonder where I can find a space to block it after finishing... ><) and I measured that I can knit one sequence of a pattern in 35 minutes! (One sequence is about inch...). But hey, it's a lace, it isn't supposed to be knitted quickly, right? In fact, I chose needles size 4 /US 6, imagine how slow it would go on size 2 /US 0!... Pattern soon!

An one more good news! I made several embroidered beaded belts which I put on sale in one of the galleries in Warsaw and today I got mail from them saying that they sold one of them! Yay! ^-^ Money is what I need now! (and some sleep under the blanket, because I can feel like my fever is rising - this funny feeling of a head getting heavy and eyes shutting down...).

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  1. Hi

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Hope you feel better soon:) Promise not to "nag" you until you are. [Wicked grin]

    I am still blown away by the amount you manage to get sewn/knitted. The knitting is so good as well I wouldn't have guessed at all that you are so new to the craft.

    Thanks for you kind comments on my blog. I look forward to sharing the festival with you and others.

    Knit on >^..^<